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You've toured the property and you're ready to apply!
Here's how: 

You've seen the property, either in person or via a virtual tour, and you have decided to apply. Below is a detailed explanation of the application process and criteria. 

First, please be sure that you've toured the unit in person or virtually. If you submit an application and you have not toured the unit, your application will be canceled and you will have to reapply. 


2911 Newark St NW is managed by Velocity Property Management, the property manager is Hannah Juricic who can be reached at The owner is considering applicants with a 700+ credit score and no more than two negative items in the previous two years, 3x income as compared to the monthly rent, and a move in date within 30 days of a submitted application. Cosigners are permitted, pets permitted on a case by case basis. 


Note that our leases  are binding, meaning that there is no cancellation policy, and our applications are binding, meaning that if you apply and are accepted, we will move forward with signing the lease.


When an application is submitted, there is a $60 nonrefundable application fee per applicant and a refundable hold deposit equal to one month's rent. Credit checks are soft inquires. Once you submit an application, you will receive a separate link to pay the hold deposit.


Once your application and hold deposit are submitted, you will receive a response in 1-3 business days: the decision will be acceptance, counteroffer, or rejection. If the application is rejected, the hold deposit is refunded in 3 business days after we receive a valid mailing address. If the application is approved, the hold deposit is converted towards the security deposit equal to one month's rent. The first full month's rent will be due within 48 hours of signing the lease, otherwise the lease is forfeit.


Please note that if you apply site unseen, the application and lease are binding, which means that the lease cannot be canceled. If you apply and are accepted and then change your mind, the hold deposit is not refunded. 

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