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For Existing Owners: 

Tenant Background Check in DC by Simply Management

For New Owners:

It's simple: we're here to manage your property.

Now that you're a landlord, it's time to prepare the property for rent, find a tenant, and manage the property. We're here to lend our experience and take point on the daily decisions. 

Tenant Background Check in DC by Simply Management

We're here for you, every step of the way. 

Tenant Background Check in DC by Simply Management

We keep our overhead costs low and a small client base. This allows our management team to be available around the clock, by phone and email. 

We know you'll have questions and want answers: this is one of the largest, if not largest, investments you've made. We're here to work with you through the process. 


Property Management:
An Overview

Market Prep

  • We'll do a walk through with you to provide an estimated market rent and discuss repairs necessary to secure a tenant.

  • We'll advertise the property, conduct showings, and keep tabs on the market to keep your rental competitive. 

  • We'll screen and submit applications for your review.

  • We'll collect the security deposit, application deposit, and we'll store tenant information securely, discarding personal information when necessary. 

  • Once an application is accepted, we'll facilitate signing the lease and setting up the move in. 

  • We'll handle the move in walk through and make sure that the tenant is set up for success during their lease. 

  • We take point on the day to day aspects of property management, and contact you about costly repairs. 

  • We collect the rent and send you a monthly accounting statement with debits/credits

  • We'll provide a yearly 1099 along with an itemized list of income and expenses, with invoices for every cost. 

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